Retro Styles That Made A Comeback

Styles come and styles go. We excitedly welcome a style and when we get bored of it, we simply start ignoring it, and we get another style that stays for a long time. Style changes with changing times but there have been some styles that were a huge hit in their time and now they’ve made even a bigger comeback! And we just can’t get enough of them.

Here are a few one of those styles. Take a look!

The Winged Eyeliner


Eyeliner with wings did not originate in our generation. It also did not come after the 90s. It’s been there for a VERY long time. When movies and pictures had no colour, they had winged eyeliner. It’s been hiding behind the curtains for a long time and now almost every Instagram beauty we find is rocking this look!

Block Heels


Even block heels are not an invention of modern fashion style. Retro age witnessed this style way before us, and the ladies looked stunning pairing them with anything!

Bell Bottom


Talking about retro styles without talking about bell bottoms would be unfair. Recently, we saw Gigi Hadid in pink-rose bell bottom in New York. Before her, celebrities like Selena Gomez was seen in bell bottoms too. This means that bell bottoms are officially in style again ladies!

Floral Patch


Remember the old times when we liked our jeans covered with floral embroideries and patches. We were obsessed. It gave that cute country look to the outfit. Well, they are here again. Many top brands, like adidas and nike, are launching floral patches like never before. This comeback is a big one as we have these patches not only on clothes but on footwear also!



Chokers make any outfit stand out, and they have been doing this job for a very long time. They were untraceable for quite some time and everyone forgot about them, but now they’re back in a huge variety, from lace to jewels, to make us all confused about which one to choose.

High Waist


From women to men, everyone has once in their lifetime worn a high waist outfit. But with time, we got more inclined towards low waist and mid waist. But here we are, in love with high waist again.

Big Round Glasses


Ladies way back in time used to rock these. Who thought these would come back? But they did, and they look so chic.

Pattern on Pattern


All these years we all tried to pair patterns with plain for the perfect look. But recently, Priyanka Chopra posted a picture of her, on Instagram, wearing pattern on pattern and she looked stunning. Now, all we want to do is thank her for bringing the old style back.

Crop Top 


Last but not the least, crop tops! All we had in our minds were full length tops and that’s all, until this amazing trend came back and overflowed our wardrobes like anything!


All these styles reinforce the saying that old is gold.


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